The other day, as I sat in class, my professor began listing off things that women can teach younger women. The list was comprised of the following:

how to be pure, kind, self-controlled, busy at home, how to love your children, and how to love your husband

None of these things are bad qualities. However, they become just that when we list them as the only things women have to offer. Women are so much more. We are powerful. We are intelligent. We are capable. We are valuable.

This same professor, on a different occasion, said that dads need to make sure they’re telling their daughters how pretty they are. I will be the first to admit that it is nice to feel like others think I’m pretty. But is that the main message our daughters need to hear? How about telling them how smart they are, how valuable they are, or how worthy they are in the eyes of God?

My dad is one of the kindest men I know, but I’ll be honest: I often let his compliments based on my physical appearance go in one ear and out the next.I appreciate them, but when I think of kind things my father has said to me, they’re about my abilities – my “inquisitive” mind, my hardworking attitude, my ambition – not about the way I dressed or the fact that I actually brushed my hair for once.

It’s time we started telling our daughters how amazing they truly are.

They are more.


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